Attendance Automation (RFID / Biometric)

Eliminates proxy attendance

Employees/students involved in proxy attendance cannot beat the attendance management system, because it is foolproof, it records physiological features such as the fingerprints or proximity card number which are unique and almost impossible to replicate.

Up-to-date Reports

The attendance management system can generate up-to-date reports using real-time data. It eliminates the need to wait for data updates for authentication. This provides the management with useful data for making decisions to enhance time management.

Responsible Employees

Attendance management system will make your employees responsible for managing their own time without the involvement of any third party. It will also eliminate all kinds of attendance/payroll processing errors.

Foul Proof

The Attendance System devices record and store attendance data securely in a database. It is impossible for employees to manipulate data for overtime, holidays, leaves etc. It makes it easy for management to enforce policies.


It prevents unauthorized access to the organization premises and records the identity of persons accessing the building leading to enhanced security.

Better Management

With an enhanced data collection, it is possible to measure the effectiveness of processes and procedures. You can only improve your processes if you can measure them accurately. Lack of accurate, up-to-date data leads to poordecision making. Managers can rely on the information collected using the attendance management system to make informed business decisions.

The Biometric Attendance System (BAS) is a great tool for managing the time and attendance of students & staff. This information system tool collects attendance data of employees using biometric identifiers. Our BAS has highly advanced finger scanners that can store thousands of fingerprint templates and transaction records. It enhances accountability, transparency, and flexibility within the workforce.

Most Biometric Attendance Systems are normally positioned at the entrance of the workstation premises. A fingerprint scan is detected and matched with the existing database biometric information. The employee data is recognized, and in-time or out-time is recorded.

Why choose the Biometric Attendance System?

• Simple to operate system, user-friendly and accessible for all employees

• Supports over 1,00,000 transaction records without interruptions

• High user capacity of your entire organization

• High-speed performance for high traffic of employees

• Durable scratch proof scan

• Battery backup and TFT Display

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems collect data using low power radio waves at different frequencies. It consists of RFID readers and tags; the readers emit radio waves and receive signals from the tags. Unlike the bar code that requires a line of sight, RFID readers can simultaneously read and write to hundreds of tags within range contact free. The RFID technology allows for the storage of an increased amount of data

The following are some of the applications of RFID technology in business:

• Student & Staff Attendance Management

• Library Automation

• Asset Tracking

• Logistics & Tracking

• Supply Chain Management

• Retailing

• Stock control and inventory

• Payment Systems

• Security and Access Control

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