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About Us

Established in 2012 with a vision of transforming thoughts of our customers into a real product by pursuing technology leadership on reasonable economics and to excel in field of I.T. with a team of competent professionals by providing value added services to our customers.

Since our inception our focus was on IT segments: software applications development and web related services. With the passage of time, we have grown and today we are equipped with a highly competitive and committed team of IT professionals who deliver solutions for business of diverse needs with breaking performance.

Today we work at a national and at a global level, in challenging environments, meeting deadlines and completing projects within time and budget constraints. We serve individual professionals, government institutions, commercial and non-commercial organizations, offering IT solutions that can be easily managed from a central location through the internet, with an easy upgrade path as their business and requirements grow.

We design software that is as perfect as it can be, tested to be free of errors, compact in size, easy to deploy, secure and with the maximum functions in a very user-friendly package, needing a short learning time. Our software solution services are backed by 24x7 customer support. In addition, we offer upgrades with growing requirements and modify the packages as and when needed.

Our Vision

Our vision at Lamda Infotech is to differentiate from the crowd by achieving its economic objectives by uplifting the technological footprint of our customers through our technology leadership…

To be a globally respected corporation that provides best in class business solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by best-in-class people…

We started with an aspiration of being the most preferred IT company and be the leader in the geographies that we work in…

To achieve a rational, integrated, comprehensive and orderly development by improving the planning, development, management and delivery capacities of the urban centres…

Our Mission

To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty, and courtesy towards our clients, employees, partners and society at large…

To conceptualize and create unique applications that cater to the requirement of our customers today and for the future…

We are on a mission of consistently delivering technology to our customers to help them lead among their competitors…

Our Journey

July, 2012 – Journey started as Lamda Infotech. Initially started work on offline student management application for Govt. Schools of West Bengal.

Aug, 2012 – Got our first customer for student management application

Apr, 2013 – Added more features to the application and converted to school management application. Customer base increased to 6 Govt Schools

Apr, 2014 – Transformed the application to online version. Customer base increased to 22 Govt Schools

Apr, 2015 – Application for Private schools was launched. Application for Govt Schools was added with more features and launched as Basic Version & Advanced Version. Customer Base increased to 55 schools

Sep, 2016 – Registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs under RoC, Kolkata as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) firm having LLPIN – AAE-7408. Introduced Free Version of application with limited features for small Govt Schools. More than 200 schools registered for our application. Total count increased to 275+ schools.

Apr, 2017 – Customer base reached to 421 (131 paid users & 290 free users). Moved to a new office location. Team expansion took place. Launched Online Admission Management System.

Oct, 2017 – Launched College Management Application. Got into Android Application Development and launched our first Android Application for teachers of Govt schools to facilitate them to enter the marks easily through their android handset. Started working on custom web application development.

Apr, 2018 – Expanded team size, customer base increased to 591 users (188 paid users and 413 free users). 6 colleges started using our College Management Application. Started automatic Attendance Management System with integration of Biometric/RFID attendance.

Apr, 2019 – Moved to new office location. Android application for Private schools launched. Customer base increased to 650+ schools (10 colleges, 250 paid schools, 405 free schools).

Our Commitment

Customer Success: We are driven by making our customers successful. Our team are curious and talented - to understand the challenges customers are facing and to implement solutions quickly to amplify time-to-market for customer to stay ahead of the game.

Continuous Innovation: We believe that everyone is capable of innovation and innovation should be a daily practice as opposed to a one-time event. Innovation at every step of the way in our software delivery is a key measure and every team member is encouraged to continuously come up with innovative ways to create a difference.

Our Quality Policy

Lamda Infotech is committed to providing software services of assured quality through solution leadership and continual process improvement, ensuring customer satisfaction.

We understand its direct impact on the businesses of clients. Our Quality Management is more than a set of processes to ensure product quality and on-time delivery.

Our quality practices is continuously enhanced through regular internal audits, project audits, assessment of process parameters, and client feedback.

Our Passion for Quality permeates everything we do with robust systems and processes to facilitate consistent high-quality deliverables to our clients every time.

Our objective is to deliver quality and high standard software applications. Our quality policies ensure that each application we develop goes through all the steps of software development life cycle, this helps us confidently say that 'We Deliver Quality'.


Documentation: Documentation plays a vital role in development of every software solution. It not just helps software engineers to know what needs to be developed but also proves to be useful in accomplishing future enhancements and software maintenance. Every project we undertake begins with conceptualization phase and outcome of this phase is well documented working, flows and data flow diagrams for the application to be developed.

Organized Approach: Our systematic way of working and involvement of resources with expertise required based on the stage the development process has reached, enables us to accomplish seamless development and delivery of our projects.

Effective Communication: For every project we depute one point of contact for our clients. This person not just coordinates delivery of the project but also acts like an interface between the client and the production team. And this person is accessible via emails, phone or IM.

Testing: We have a dedicate team of QA & Testing engineers, these resource stay involved during the complete development process. While the design & development is being done, they draft test cases, which are executed on the completed application to ensure that the application delivered fulfills the specifications & requirements in their entirety.

Why you choose Lamda Infotech?

We are a company driven by values which underscores our commitment to:

Customer Delight: To surpass customer expectations consistently

Leadership by Example: To set standards in our business and transactions and be an exemplar for the industry and ourselves

Integrity and Transparency: To be ethical, sincere and open in all our transactions

Fairness: To be objective and transaction-oriented, and thereby earn trust and respect

Pursuit of Excellence: To strive relentlessly, constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products to become the best

Intense: Being passionate and committed about everything we do.

Creative: Demonstrating the creative spirit by giving ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions.

People Driven: People come first. We care about people we work with.

Ethical: Displaying integrity, honesty, respect for other people, taking responsibility for one’s actions form the core of one’s value system.

Socially Conscious: Making direct efforts to effect a positive change in society.

Our Core Competencies

  • PHP Symfony - 90%
  • PHP Laravel - 85%
  • Core PHP - 80%
  • MySQL - 90%

Our Other Skills

  • Wordpress - 80%
  • HTML5 / CSS3 - 90%
  • Angular Js - 70%
  • Android Development - 80%

Our Working Methodology

We involve in a cognitive approach of framing a well-structured web design process that gets highly applicable for any of their clients. We maintain 100% transparency in our work, and hence we have curated the way we approach the designing process for a website.


onsultation & Knowledge gathering is the initial phase of application designing after we are contacted by an individual for any technological consultation. We make sure that we give the right advice.

We completely focus on gathering all the required information from our clients to design their desired application. We ensure to pull out maximum resource and data from the client side by using a well-structured set of questionnaires:

• What service/product they deliver?

• What is the uniqueness in their business?

• What are the different verticals of the organization?

• What are the various processes?

• What is their intention behind building this application?

• Who will be the endusers for this application?

Once we have gathered enough information, we move on towards the planning stage where we develop a strategy to create a perfect application design for your organization.

We construct an appealing strategy with the help of our designing experts. These technocrats are highly aware of various industries and hence develop a suitable web designing strategy.
After gathering requirements and sketching a suitable plan for the application design, we carry forward towards creating mockup designs for your application.

We follow a structural prototype in creating application design throughout our process.

These mockup designs will be the replications of our understanding, and hence we create two or three mockup designs as optional for the client to choose the best amongst them.
Post the client approves one among the mockup designs or intended to create a new one, we proceed further by creating the actual application design for their business. This design is the beta version which later gets implemented in the application.

We also give great importance to the inbuilt content and manage it in an efficient way to deliver completeness to the application design. Here we make sure that exact answers where derived for the following questions to sculpt an exceptional application design.

• What is the primary goal of this function?

• Have we attained the primary goal through designing?

• Does the page possess actionable buttons?

• Does the design make the users do the desired actions?

After creating the entire design and getting approved from the client, we carry on the process of converting the approved design into codes that are clutter-free, covers all the functionalities and makes the application work.

This phase of application design will be the lengthiest one, and hence we ensure to update the client frequently regarding the application status.

We carry out this phase with high concern and try our best to complete the entire web application process within the stipulated time.
After creating the design for the entire application and implementing all the required functionalities, we run through all the necessary checklist and make sure the codes are error free and all the functionalities are working.

Next we proceed towards the final stage of application launching.
We provide support and maintenance to make sure the application runs flawlessly after launch.

Our technical support team is a call/mail away to in case of any issues faced by our clientele.

In case of any issues we try our best to fix the issue as soon as possible, ensuring the application is running flawlessly.

Call us today at +91 85 8383 6494 or Email us at info [at] lamdainfotech [dot] com

We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support & Services to make them concentrate more on their core work rather than technological requirements.

Our Core Team

Team Member

Designated Partner
Technical Head

Master of Computer Application, 10+ yrs experience,
Looks after the development & deployment of the applications & projects

Team Member

Designated Partner
Operations Head

B. Tech (Chemical Engg.), 9+ yrs experience,
Looks after Customer Acquisition & Retention, Sales & Marketing

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